Jannette Amaral

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2010

Goddess. Cute modest YET still very knowledgeable and clear in noting what you need to know for exámenes. Amor! Given the stupidity of the website-based pedagogy, janette allows a great deal of freedom for estudiantes while still al fin y a cabo, makes class time a breeze/studying minimal Read! Actually, don't. She explains everything in the last 2 minutes of class. Literally. But legit. I'm a major in whatever this department s called, and a -- gringo -- and give her the gold. La calle sabe..

May 2010

Jannette is AMAZING! She is young and knows her stuff - she may come off shy and timid, but she really just wants the class to participate. Work with her and she will work with you - I highly recommend office hours, and emails - she will answer all your questions. She is also very knowledgeable on how to help you with general information - how to write your paper, departmental connections, recommends other courses to take etc. The course itself has some very interesting readings - good novels, but others a little boring, and so it is the class discussions that make the work. The ideas build on each other. You don't have to know anything about Hispanic history or politics - however, familiarizing yourself with basic politics and Latin America helps. Highly recommend this course - great way to get your Global Core done, enjoyable too. However - do the readings, you don't want to fall behind, and for your own good, it helps and is interesting.

Jul 2005

She's cool, young, and hip and brings an energy to the class that is very comforting. She teaches the class mostly in Spanish which is cool. She's extremely pleasant and likeable and goes out of her way to accommodate students' needs. If you got her either by choice or default, consider yourself lucky.

Jan 2005

Ms. Amaral is an excellent Spanish instructor for those who want a structured learning environment. She is extremely competent and always well-prepared. For those anal people like myself who have studied other languages, her knowledge of the finer points of grammar is very helpful. She speaks mostly Spanish in class, but will explain more difficult things in English when necessary. She keeps things interesting without resorting to a lot of silly, juvenile games that waste everybodyÂ’s time. If you have the maturity of a high school student, donÂ’t take her class. I took Spanish not just because of the language requirement, but because I actually wanted to learn. Thanks to her class, I have learned a lot and feel confident about the next semester of Spanish. She grades very fairly, and takes off small increments of points, but doesn't hand everything to you on a silver platter. If you want to do really well and learn, you'll have to do the required work (see below).