Mako Yoshikawa

Apr 2005

Not helpful. Indoctrinated. Rigid views on writing and a cloying manner of speech. You'll write as much in any class in this department; the benefit of disclipine is nothing peculiar to a class she is teaching. Choose another teacher if you want to hear honest, invested responses to your work. She's good for a few canned, tired phrases that you've heard too many times already...Not worth the money. Scott Snyder teaches most of the same classes and is infinitely better, more hardworking, and more caring.

Jan 2005

Mako's class was all right. She has written a few books of her own and has some impressive credentials. You'll get more useful critiques out of other students than from her, though. I found it kind of hard to follow her train of thought and a lot of what she said was not too clear. I also though she led the class very slowly and sometimes did not give people their fair share of workshop time. Maybe it was just me, but I thought that the pieces she liked got loads of time, and those she didn't got much less. In a class based on workshopping, that is a big, big downside. Fortunately, you actually get to do a lot of writing! Lots of creative assignments, loosely guided so that you can really do your own thing. So yes, this class was worth it.