Tomoko Sakomura

Jan 2005

This turned into my favorite class of the semester. Although I had friends taking this class with other professors and doing next to no work, I enjoyed writing all of the papers and preparing for both of the exams. But is you are looking for an easy A, keep looking. Tomoko expects and rewards class participation, and will give a poorly written paper the grade that it deserves. Our first papers were graded pretty harshly (I got a B+ on the paper, which included a very detailed sketch of the building I was writing about) and she explained that she had done this to keep us working harder. This is a survey course, so you move rather quickly from antiquity to the Renaissance right through to Pollock. If nothing else, I left this class certain that I now want to take at least one more art history class to fill in the gaps (i.e., Michelangelo's paintings are not covered - only sculpture).