Sarah Nooter

Jan 2005

Good and bad. I take classics 60% for the languages, and 40% for the history. A teacher outght to be able to relate interesting background details as they Strengths: she is timely and meticulous in grading homework, quizzes and exams. They are _always_ returned by the following class. She is always available, and she does work hard to get the entire class involved. She knows the topic quite well, and is absolutely meticulous on syntax and accents. She will always offer reasonable explanations for all the exceptions to rules, which Greek is rife with. Weaknesses: she just doesn't have the chops yet to be considered a great teacher. She is young and it shows. She is not confident (yet) in her ability to teach. Her methods of involving the class are often tedious and boring. For instance, she will go around the room and have people read vocabulary, one word per person. Painful. Awkward. Each time she does it there is a nervous silence in the room because everyone dreads the 10 minutes to go thru it. She should instead focus on the very useful vocab notes that follow the vocab in the text. She will take a ton of time to write out the conjugation (paradigms) of verbs, instead of focusing on the themes of the verbs and the connecting points between tenses and voices. I've never had someone spend so much time on stuff that could be better compressed. She does not allow for enough interaction in the classroom, nor for many real-time exercises. She tries to group people together and constantly mixes up the teams, which I am not sure always works. Again, she is so focused on _her_ methods of involvement and democracy that she isn't really sensing the issues her students face individually. You _will_ learn Greek in her class from the homework and her comments. Unfortunately I not enjoy the in-class sessions nor did I learn a ton that is not easily available and easily memorized in the text. She does have great handouts, though she doesn't emphasize them enough. I wish she would teach from the handouts instead of the book. The best summary I can offer: great teacher in terms of out-of-class work, average to sub-average in class.