Johanna Gail Seasonwein

Apr 2009

Not helpful, a poor grader, bad at giving feedback, makes me fall asleep in class, makes me hate art, makes me want to go to every single museum in the world and destroy every single painting. she loves the sound of her own voice and doesn't shut up when you have something to say. You basically gotta go a war of the words with this woman. not even a professor and such a god-awful teacher. good news is I used her class to study for a midterm I had ten minutes afterwards and I aced that midterm, so art hum is conducive for studying other subjects that actually will help you get a job in life. Also makes me wonder why people waste their life studying art only to become unemployed in later life. This class made me love engineering. But that's just me. If you're an engineer, beware; if not, enjoy learning about the relationship between you and the artist or some bs like that. And she says that anyone can be an artist, so a little child drawing on a piece of paper is comparable to Picasso according to her.

Jan 2009

Ms. Seasonwein is great - she is a fair grader and is readily available for extra help. Her lectures are well-structured and she effectively encourages class discussion as well - I recommend her class!

Mar 2007

Johanna - Jody - is a sweetheart who will give you a ton of help if you just ask for it. Her only problem, in my view, is that she has that "new teacher" air about her - she's perhaps a little brusque, and a VERY tough grader, as she wants to stamp her authority on the class. If you can see past that, you'll get the most out of her.

Jan 2006

Jody has a pleasant demeanor in class, seems to really care about the class, and makes herself available. Her presentation is pretty good although she does spend a bit too much time on class discussion. She is a tough grader and gave both a difficult and time-constrained midterm and final. There are definitely easier instructors for Art Hum, and it's probably worth it to look else where as she does not offer anything that seems to be so unique.

Nov 2005

No, Johanna is not evil. But she is not the best TA I've ever had. She is a nice person, she is available, she is helpful...and in that better than most. I believe she is genuinely interested in being helpful rather than...well, a snark like some other TA's. But I think she is a tough grader. Maybe a bit too tough. I was surprised. Her sessions were not focused. Part of that was her objective to answer questions we had from lecture. This means our hour was often up before we could really get to the readings. And the discussions were mostly of the "what do you think that is?" "why do you think that?" type, with no real focus or direction. Harmless. As I said, no need to avoid her: you could do a lot worse. (the other TA's graded harder)

Aug 2005

I realy disagree with the other reviews. Johanna was one of the best TA's i have had in the Art History department. It's true that she expected everyone in section to do the reading, but the assigned readings were, for the most part, pretty interesting. She was also great at leading section and explaining the readings, which were really important for the exams. Johanna isn't falsely helful at all- she really does want to help, especially with the paper. If you have her as a TA, make sure to take advantage of her availability- it'll do your grade a lot of good. In response to what another student said about the grading of the paper, her expectations seem really high (she hands out a frighteningly detailed grading guide), but it is definately possible to do well.

Mar 2005

I absolutely agree with the last review. TERRIBLE! do not under any circumstances sign up for this TA. She is false advertising - at first she seems helpful, but she is actually very demoralizing and totally obnoxious. This isn't just coming from a student who was screwed by her grades (by the way, her grading IS ridiculous, though). I can handle a B. This is coming from a student who was looking for some explanation concerning Professor Murray's totally incoherent lectures, and instead, I got a perfect reason why there must be something faulty in graduate student admissions. Johanna is not to be taken lightly- so don't make the mistake that I did.

Mar 2005

Avoid her like the plague! She may seem nice and bit too overly helpful, but beware. She grades exams very lightly, but will almost never give anyone a good grade on a paper. Her standards for the one 15-page paper (that took up the largest percentage of the final grade) are so high, I doubt that she can meet them herself. She will insert insulting comments about your argument and penalize you for doing your paper on a topic or building that she deems unimportant. She will also not allow you to turn in anything late without severe consequences. I asked for an extension, and was rejected. If you get the chance, take Meredith as your TA.