Joseph Dubiel

Dec 2017

He stutters a lot, which I obviously am not holding against him just for that, but it isn't the type of stutter that is unpreventable. This is the type of stutter that stalls for time. He once let us out of class 10 minutes early because he had nothing planned. I'm not complaining about the extra time, but it was disarming to see a professor run out material to teach. Much of class time was spent in silence, waiting for someone (him, the TA, one of the students) make a comment that we could run on for the next five minutes. I wasn't happy to be in a class that was so unstructured, and it made it seem like the material I was learning wasn't standardized in any way, but was rather whatever he felt like saying. I did definitely learn objective facts about the construction of musical harmony that were very valuable and made the class worth it, but the particular style of this professor detracted from its efficiency.

Jul 2010

To the previous reviewer: what?! I couldn't disagree more. Maybe he's just less harsh on the humanities class. I took his Analysis of Tonal Music class, which was probably a bit over my head given that it was my first graduate-level music theory class, but I struggled through since I thought I would benefit from doing that level of work. Now, I will give him this: he absolutely knows his stuff. In class, he comes across as friendly and quirky and likes to put people on the spot, but without being too harsh. His nastiness comes across in his comments on assignments. His comments (tons on every assignment) are condescending, belittling, and sometimes just cruel. Usually, it's too far from constructive criticism to be considered as such. He seems too eager to throw out a nasty remark. Although, this never really comes forth in class and I was sometimes thrown off by his friendliness to me in person, especially after getting back an assignment. I will say that the course is worth taking if you're already a skilled theorist. He is certainly passionate and knowledgeable.

Mar 2005

Oh my God--if you are one of those that just wants to get through the core with as little pain as possible this is the section you want to hope for.....None of those nasty in-class midterms and finals where you have to identify pieces and composers etc--no attendance taken (though you shouldnt overstretch that given that most of your grade will be based on personal interaction with the prof in class)---basically NO homework at all and NO TEXTBOOK (yes, you save those 60$)... Get an easy A with the least amount of effort--but it will be boring as hell and not doing anything for an entire semester can be trying at times...anyways the class is 3 credits and it boosted my gpa! but did i learn anything? i think prob only to look really interested in a subject matter even when i am fighting yawn attacks...aside from that, prof. dubiel is a really nice and cool professor--he actually is really dedicated and wants to win his students for music