Caleb Crain

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2005

Professor Crain's intellectual strength manifests itself in a number of ways. His published academic work and his journal reviews/articles are brilliant--historically informed, politically conscientious, logically rigorous, fun. While he won't smother you in insights, he subtly coaxes the class into making its own. Perfect.

Apr 2005

He is humble and unassuming, but he has more than enough background and requisite knowledge of the material, since that material is usually the subject of his books, research, and free-lancing articles. Despite writing and theorizing on the texts in his own publications, he hardly mentions his own theories in class, let alone forcing them down your throat. Brilliant without being intimidating, he's quite anxious to hear your interpretations in class and in office hours. The one time he finally laid out one of his theories, he did it in such a riveting way and the suspense was genuine. One or two office meetings with him and you'll have more than enough secondary material or research for your paper. I hope that the English Department doesn't keep him an adjunct forever. Hopefully he'll have the chance to rise up.

Mar 2005

An absolutely amazing professor. A little shy, a little nervous, but brilliant. A great class, with an entire 5 weeks devoted to a patient reading of Moby-Dick. One of the young and budding stars of the English department. Cannot recommend him enough.