Coco Fusco

Oct 2008

Completely agree with all other reviews, only want to add how much this woman makes you vehemently hate her. I read the reviews of her classes before taking this one and didn't think she could possibly be as bad as the reviewers said, but I was wrong, she is WORSE. Do. Not. Take.

Mar 2008

This is the single worst course I have taken in my entire college career. The workload is light and the readings are interesting, but Coco Fusco is probably the worst professor to teach this class. I think this is her first time teaching it. The semester I took it (spring 2008) there were several small sections. Mine had only 7 people, but Prof. Fusco still treated it as though it were a large lecture. She talks too much and doesn't give students a chance to get a word in. She teaches the class with a very set agenda and basically just wants to hear students answer her questions with the answers she already has in mind, and doesn't seem to expect students to participate in the readings at an intellectual level as much as read-and-regurgitate. Accordingly, she's a medium-to-hard grader, and there is only one right answer: hers. If you want to hate yourself, then by all means, take this class with Fusco, if not, then take it with someone else.

Sep 2007

the previous review was right: fusco is probably the worst professor at columbia. totally self-obsessed, can't teach, complete idiot. don't waste your time.

Apr 2007

This was the worst class I have ever taken, and Professor Fusco is by far the worst professor I have ever had. She is completely self-obsessed and cannot teach. In the four hours of class, she spends the first 2.5 talking about her views, politics, life...anything having to do with herself, and about ten minutes on material remotely related to the course. She makes assertions as though she were the world's leading political scientist and ends up spewing complete BS that is not only wrong, but also irrelevant to the course. In a class of only six people, students occasionally made comments, but somehow there were no real class discussions. She makes discussions impossible because she cannot listen to what others have to say so that, instead of responding appropriately, she turns comments around to be able to talk about herself. In terms of subject matter, this class could be phenomenal--it is unfortunate that it is taught by a useless, ineffective professor. The university should not have moved Fusco to Arts and Sciences; she is completely unqualified.

Apr 2005

this was the most boring class i have ever taken.Coco talks way to much about her politics. nothing happens in the class itself and the assignments are taken as jokes by the students