Debbie Grier

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2005

Debbie is absolutely fantastic. Not only is it blatantly obvious that she is EXTREMELY intellingent, she is a fantastic teacher and a sweet, understanding person. I've always had somewhat of a math phobia but when it is explained in an appropriate manner anyone can comprehend it. And this is exactly what Debbie does. She describes everything very thoroughly and breaks it down into pieces that anyone can digest. I feel confident that I now possess all of the tools necessary to be successful in Calculus. I wouldn't say that the class is EASY--she has high expectations but she backs them up with beautiful teaching. All in all a very pleasant experience (even though it IS math!!!) Here is a rare example of a brand new teacher who is flexible and perceptive enough to tailor a course to the needs and abilities of her students. Only one thing I don't like about the situation--she doesn't teach Calculus (yet)!!!! Thanks Debbie

Apr 2005

Debbie Grier is a generous, compassionate instructor, with effective and clear communication skills. She is cool. She keeps it real. She has really strong teaching skills---the visual and verbal reminders of upcoming assignments, the patient explanations to as many questions as a student has...She is quite simply the best math instructor I could ever have wished for. You need to plan on coming to each lecture if math is not your thing, or its been awhile. Lectures are full of information and move forward unless someone stops her with questions. Its important to ask questions. She is happy to answer them, and she offers detailed explanations in response -she will NEVER disregard a question. Its obvious she does a lot of pre-lecture preparation to make sure she presents a clear lesson. She cares a lot, and is a responsible instructor. Grades are very fair. She also has a great sense of humor and will make you laugh. Go to office hours, it makes a big difference in comprehending anything you might be unclear about, and this will directly effect your quiz, test, and homework grades. She even offers extra pre-final reviews for her students on her day off! This teacher is rooting for you. I highly recommend her.

Apr 2005

If you are wondering what class to take to prepare you well for Calculus, Debbie Grier is the best instructor to take. She is thorough and is on your side. She is not out to trick or play games or prove how much she knows compare to her students. She is fair and patient. If you don't understand she will explain again from another approach. She not only teaches the concepts but explains the background so you really understand what you are doing. She offers 2 hours a week for office hours. I recommend going. Do all your homework, study hard to make sure you know all the formulas and you are bound to get an A. I haven't taken math in 14 years and I'm getting an A. I never thought that would have been possible. She also offers extra credit once in awhile to help out with test and homework scores.