Josh Avins

Feb 2006

This guy should be fired. He doesn't bother helping students. I can't count the number of times he's said "You don't need to know that" and didn't even try to explain what the student asked. Not only that, but he also thinks he's the shizzle; he treats students like they're idiots just because he thinks he's the oh so great god of organic chemistry. Basically when he even bothers to teach in the recitation he teaches as if he expects you to go "Very good Josh, you're absolutely brilliant". He never helped with the homework unless you asked him to. If you're going to pick a TA, don't choose him. you'll also fail your quizzes because of his superiority complex and his inabiity to teach.

May 2005

smart guy but sort of a dead beat. the other TA's were always sending practice sheets out to their students and shit but Josh didn't do a damn thing. WTF?