Gonzalo Sobejano

May 2005

Professor Sobejano is a jewel. I cannot say enough how I adore him. He is a relentless fountain of knowledge...when he slips into stories of his tierra or famous films or poems - he quotes from memory - each of our seven hearts (we were a small class) skipped several beats. Forgive the cliche...but there are no words. If you want to understand the development of the novel in Spain, and you want to avoid - if your major/program will allow it - the crowd of the Texts and Contexts class on the Golden Age of Spanish literature, which covers many of the same books, then take this class. We read aloud so often during this class...and somehow, once we have heard a passage from Prof. Sobejano's own lips, it means more than it did the night before. Apparently famous - the owner of the Lectorum bookstore on 14th St. where we got our books told us, Your teacher is one the last geniuses living in New York City.