Andrew Lear

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2005

Prof. Lear is one of the most enjoyable professors i've had at columbia, but don't be deceived by the rave reviews. students are blinded by his personality and overrate his abilities to teach the material. Although he is a very good teacher, many class discussions lingered without much thoughtful analysis. He is very open to meeting with students, but his comments on papers are not always helpful. Although not a hard grader, he does not easily give A range grades and he definitely expects his students to do all of the reading. After every reading assignment he expected an emailed reading response incorporating quotes from the text, which is definitely not easy to fake. At first these responses seem helpful, and they do guide class, but after awhile they are tedious and you don't want to have to write another one. He is much better at the first semester readings than the second because he is a classicist. Even though he is not always the most thought provoking professor, he is a very kind and understanding person who is full of knowledge. If you find yourself in his section, its not worth switching, you can definitely do worse and it would be difficult to find better.

Aug 2005

Lear is probably one of the best Lit Hum teachers out there. On the first day of class he looked at the translations of the iliad we had and said, "eh, it would have been better if we used mine." The guy knows what he's talking about, especially when it comes to the classical stuff. This is a teacher worth switching for.

Jul 2005

An Italian born Harvard educated classicist currently as post doc in Columbia, Andrew Lear is one of the best Lit Hum instructors the core office offers. His more than ample knowledge of literature and multi-linguistic skill along with rich teaching experience I has given him the fluency that most Lit Hum instructors lack. Yet, he is a very amusing person who does not let his class feel bored or become too serious to enjoy the readings or discussions. He is not a too hard grader, but unless one is working real hard he is unwilling to be generous. However, he subtly appreciates and encourages ones that are longer than expected, which is the only thing I can say on the downside.

May 2005

Andrew Lear is definitely one of the best professors I have ever had. I was excited about the class when it began, and now that its over I know that I will miss it. He kept the class enjoyable- such a sense of humor! In terms of grading, I thought he was very fair. If you do the readings, you will be fine. He was not uptight about attendence- towards the end people regularly skipped and came late. He doesnt count off if you dont participate in class, but there are assignments over the email before most classes. He is a bit demanding of a professor, but he really helped me get the most out of the class. I whole-heartedly recommend him as a professor, you will be hard pressed to find another that will make you want to come to class as much as Professor Lear.