Susie Lee

Jun 2005

This lady will break your back with the amount of reading she assigns. I must say that a lot of the reading is actually very interesting and that this class has opened my eyes up to the further issues about race, but I suggest that you read the reading list on your own time. You can definitely do without the class! Monday lectures were unbearably boring because she reads straight from the paper in a monotone voice but Wednesday discussions were much easier to deal with. You must have done your reading! or at least part of it because she makes you make up questions every week and discuss the books in detail. The things that were good is that she'll pause to answer any questions one might have and if she does not know the answer to a question, she will make sure she looks it up for the next class. We also watch a few videos which are interesting. I suggest ordering them off of PBS...ones on housing and race. She is an extremely hard grader. She will say grades don't matter but they do in her class. An A paper will become a C paper (or a B, a D) if you hand it in two days late. She is horrible with extensions and extremely uptight about coming to class on time as well. I suggest not taking this class but reading the reading because what we learned about the history of racializations is actually invaluable.