Aura Estrada

Apr 2006

Aura is a very nice and cool person who certainly does her best to make class interesting. However, I wouldn't say she's an awesome teacher, she tends to really under-explain bigger projects/papers, and her guidelines about when to turn in the homework are mostly unclear. My biggest complaint about her though is that she just gives way too much homework. In a course that so many people take just to satisfy their requirement, do you really have to assign 8 exercises per class? What's worse she doesn't ever even return the homework, just checks that it's done, which theoretically means that you could write spanish-looking gibberish for several pages and turn it in. This also clearly shows that she doesn't want to take the time to go over the massive amount of exercises, which means she shouldn't have made us take the time to do all of them! In short: If you are looking for a nice teacher, Aura's fine, but I'm sure that there are people who give way less work and are not so cryptic with their big assignments.

Jun 2005

Aura is an amazing teacher. She is always willing to help outside the classroom, and explains the language in an esay to understand manner. I had a really small class with her, so she would always stop and review something if anyone was confused. By far, the best language teacher I've ever had.