Jacob Stein

Jun 2005

Jacob is an awesome instructor, and he remained calm and cool despite all the problems the class encountered. Scorching heat and disgusting humidity during June of 2005 made printing difficult. And Columbia University should be ashamed of itself for the condition of the equipment in the print shop (not the students' fault either.) Exposure lights that keep kicking out unless three fans are blowing on them to cool them, vacuum frames that require hand clamps to keep them closed, and double the expected student enrollment may have pushed another instructor to her or his limit, but Jacob took it all "in stride." Because we were all somewhat graphically-challenged, Jacob wound up working an extra hour or two each night. I hope his thesis advisor reads his evaluations and his reviews here on CULPA because Jacob deserves a lot of credit and extra monetary compensation. I usually never evaluate an instructor on CULPA without receiving my grade first. I'll make an exception for Jacob. He's a kind and compassionate person. My only advice to Jacob would be to teach more about how to design jobs so that they are printable, especially early in the semester.