Blake Rayne

Jun 2005

Did your grandma ever tell you "Life is what you make of it?" Yeah, well, mine did. And I think I heard those words all semester long in Blake's class. Some people disliked him because the course lacked structure. Personally, I loved it. Visual arts classes aren't about assignments, they are about doing your own thing and figuring shit out on your own. Blake understands that, and all he asks of his students is to work hard at whatever. The first day of class he took us to Starbucks and bought us coffee and we talked about what we were into. He's intense, eccentric, and fucking brilliant. Sometimes he's late, like to crits and class, but hey, his keen eye and amazing comments/advice more than make up for his lateness. If you want a painting class where you learn how to hold a brush, then this is not your class. But if you want a good environment, with a non-invasive professor who pushes you just as much as you need to be pushed, then you WANT TO TAKE A CLASS WITH BLAKE RAYNE.