Julia Lougovaya

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2009

Professor Lougovaya was a great first semester ancient Greek teacher. She expects a lot but is very thorough and enthusiastic and lets you know when something will be hard and when you should know it really, really well. 99% of the time I thought her quizzes were well-timed and very helpful. If I could have her second semester as well, I definitely would.

Jan 2006

Professor Lougovaya manages to strike a balance between being extremely competent and being approachable and friendly. The class was sometimes a bit dry and seemed to lack direction... it is far more a course on learning the most famous speeches of the Attic orators and learning about trial procedure than anything else. But that was perfectly interesting! Outside of class, she was usually very nice (occassionally she could be surprisingly prickly!), and she made herself very available to students. She even helped me with work for other, related courses! I recommend this course and any other Professor Lougovaya teaches.

Aug 2005

I enjoyed this class quite a lot. Professor Lougovaya is an extremely competent lecturer. Her mastery of English is not quite perfect and though she is easy to understand most of her lectures are not gripping. She uses a lot of Socratic Method which is unusual in a Columbia history class. Professor Lougovaya is also very approachable and managed to foster a lot of class discussion which is also unusual in my experience in history classes. Some of the early texts in the class are a bit tough, but in general most of the readings are from Attic orators and very interesting.