Melissa Gonzalez

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2008

Melissa is one of the best teachers I've had at Columbia. At the beginning of Lit Hum, she took the initiative to meet with each one of us in office hours to get to know us and our goals. She was consistently prepared for discussion and demonstrated an extraordinary depth of knowledge about the classics, even though her area of expertise is technically Spanish. Within a couple of classes, she knew everybody's names and made all of us feel like she cared about us as people, not just Lit Hum students.

Jun 2005

One of the best Spanish teachers in Columbia. Knows her stuff. Knows how to get it across. Easy grader and overall very pleasant. Sweet even.

Jun 2005

Melissa rocks! She knows her shit and explains it well. If you need extra help and can't make office hours, she'll make time for you outside of office hours. She's patient with even the dumbest mistakes, and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. But few people, besides my language challenged self, ever needed extra help because she explains grammar so clearly. She speaks both English and Spanish perfectly. Her tests are challenging but she grades extremely leniently. She's funny and laid-back, and if you act like a clown in class, she'll call you out on it in a completely funny way. But she's so nice, she just wants to make sure you know your stuff so she can give you an A, so just do what you need to do. Even though spanish is hard for me, I learned a lot. I wish I could take the next semester class with her.