Jeffrey Sacks

Jan 2007

Jeff is a good professor as language classes go. While it could be immediately difficult to understand certain concepts due to time constraints, he made sure that the class mastered the concepts over the next few days. Writing assignments recieving low grades were allowed to be rewritten for full credit, quizzes and the exam were fair if you'd been paying attention all semester, and class was generally fun and understandable. The only problem was not having work returned promptly, so be prepared for month-long stretches in which you have no idea how you are doing in the class.

Aug 2005

Jeff is a good guy who bends over backwards to make sure that everyone in his class is comfortable and herein lies the problem. The dumbest people take over the class and it goes oh so slowly and you end up learning a lot less Arabic than you would in a class with a teacher who was both kind AND firm.