Leslie Lessinger

Dec 2007

He can sometimes come off as really mean and condescending, but if you go to his office hours and get to know him, you'll find he's actually ok. It can be hard to get your questions answered during office hours, as he goes on interminable tangents about random topics (he LOVES to talk about where students are from or explain how car batteries work...). the practice problems are really helpful. exams are pretty tough. overall the class requires A LOT of work, you'll probably feel like you're devoting your life to chemistry. but if you really have to take this class (DON'T DO IT if it's just to fulfill the science requirement!), Lessinger is not too bad (from what I've heard about the other chem professors at least)

Aug 2005

GO TO HIS OFFICE HOURS! ALWAYS! His class is bothersome, and boring. He is mean, but thinks he is funny, but all business during office hours. He is much nicer during office hours. He will not know you unless you go to office hours, and so he will not really help you unless you go. Oh, and he changed the grading system that he had on the syllabus without telling any of the students.