Chris Murphy

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2007

Technically Chris was a TA when I took the class but since he was pretty much awesome and taught his own section I'm considering him a professor. He's young and funny and classes aren't too boring. He makes the material very accessible even for people who are entirely unexposed to computer science. The class itself is okay and while the material may not be too challenging at times, the exams (which were actually written by professor Canon) can be a bit more difficult than expected.

Jan 2007

chris' lecture is not interesting but not bad either. all Comp sci TAs suck except for a chinese guy named matt. hard to get good grades. They assume you know about computer science before you start the class, although it's an intro class.

May 2006

I can only echo the other reviewer. Chris was the difference between dispair and hope, sobbing and solace, cursing the darkness and compiling code. He was ever patient and a true gentleman. Half the students would come to his office in a panic, at the last minute, having not attended classes, with code that bore little relevance to the class assignment, he would work with them and make them understand and pull through.

Sep 2005

I had this class with Aho, who is I'm sure a really brilliant guy, but is also the head of the dept and used to teaching grad students, so he had no idea how to come down to my level and teach an INTRO course. The TA was AMAZING. saved my life. he's really helpful, teaches better than the teacher, and really puts his all into helping you understand and get your programs to work. Also holds good final reviews.