Mario Di Gangi

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Nov 2006

Dr. Di Gangi is a really eager and excited professor who always comes to class with loads of really interesting handouts and anecdotes about the texts. He's also really good at breaking down the plays and explaining even the most dense passages in very straightforward, contemporary English. There is absolutely nothing pompous about this man whatsoever. If you consider yourself a big fan of Renaissance drama, you really need to take a class with this guy. He loves this stuff so much some days I think he's just gonna' pop!

Aug 2006

Inspiring. He has an extensive knowledge of renaissance literature, but is humble and not egoistic at all. The reading load is fair. He is not an easy grader, but a very fair one. Also, he considers participation important, which makes his class discussions exciting and dynamic. Best english professor I have had at Columbia!

Sep 2005

Mario Di Gangi's class is a pretty fair introduction to many of the lesser known shakespeare plays, as well as an interesting review of Macbeth, Othelo, and King Lear. He is undeniably a short, adorable man who really loves his Shakespeare, but couldn't hold my attention, although he tried to encourage lots of class discussion. Unfortunately, the few individuals that actually read along with the syllabus dominated each and every class. He approaches Shakespeare with readings that focus on the historical/social events surrounding each play, which some students found fascinating, and I found boring. Was I inspired? No, but I enjoyed the class anyway.