Trinity Jackman

May 2006

Trinity is extremely kind and warm-hearted. She does an amazing job breaking down the concepts in each text and explaining them in an comprehensible manner. She is very knowlegeable and shows a very good understanding of the texts. Atleast twice she made handouts detailing important quotes and explaining important concepts, etc. She makes sure that the main concepts of each text are ingrained in our heads by the time we leave the class which is great because it makes the class very much worth while. As opposed to just forgetting everything once we leave. She is very fair and will not grade subjectively. She will not dock you for anything that she cannot concretely defend. She makes it very clear what material will be tested, for example, in class we focus a lot on the text, which I like (as opposed to debating on outside, related topics), and we go over important quotes. We won't be tested on any quotes we don't go over in class. She does not grade on participation, but gives you extra credit for an outstanding contribution throughout the semester, which does not put pressure on you to open your mouth and spit out something stupid just because you feel obligated to speak. In short, she is extremely fair, warm-hearted, and knowledgeable. I would highly, highly recommend her. I never had a better lithum/cc experience and came out of the class really appreciating it!

Nov 2005

Trinity is soooo great! She went to Columbia as an undergrad, so she took Lit Hum and CC, and she definitely uses her experience to make CC a class I actually look forward to going to. She asks interesting questions regarding the reading and fosters great discussion. She usually relates the text we are reading to something in the real world. Additionally, she is SUPER sweet and really cares about her students. She'll sit down with you and talk about papers or anything else you need. She makes herself very available to her students. I HIGHLY recommend taking her class if you have the opportunity!