Kimball Martin

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2007

I enjoyed going to every single one of his classes this past fall. He is clear and very helpful. This is coming from someone who was never really confident with math. Now, I actually want to take more calculus! He is a very fair grader. The weekly assignments are very manageable, mainly giving odd numbered problems and interesting weekly extra credit problems. I know people who were intimidated asking him questions. You just have to get use to his sense of humor (which is what makes his class interesting). I'm just sad I can't take him for calc. II.

Jan 2007

Probably the best calculus professor there is. Genuinely interesting teaching. Offers bonus questions and points on homework and exams, which is a big help - though these questions are usually hella hard.

Nov 2006

An excellent teacher. Clear and helpful, runs things at a brisk pace that keeps you awake. Takes questions but does not dumb down the conversation. He is engaging and he makes class interesting. A gem. Grades composite homework result as slightly more valuable than a midterm, so if you will work regularly and keep pace this works to your advantage. Office hours are busy and you need to step up to get your questions addressed.

Nov 2005

He speaks clearly, loudly, and is very energetic. He truly understands that not everyone attending CU is a math major or understands every aspect of calc. His lectures go by really fast becuase he uses lots of examples, he tries his best to engage everyone in his class. His office hours are very helpful. Word of caution: his first class may seem brutal BUT it's just him trying to weed out those who really want to stay in his class. It gets 100% easier/better trust me! His exams are straight forward and he doesn't try and trick you on them in any way. He makes class enjoyable.