Nadja Rottner

May 2007

Just about the worst professor one could ask for in this topic, Rottner conveys absolutely no passion for this course. She is stiff, uncomfortable, and will make your life in this class most unpleasant. While the grading is easier on the essays, the exams are graded harshly (and they count most). There are many art hum teachers to choose from. This one was a poor choice for me, and I regretted the entire semester long.

Apr 2007

Nadja is the worst lecturer at Columbia from the impressions students in this class gave. As a joint degree student with SIPA, I also take graduate classes. These are far easier than her class. Before taking her class, I actually enjoyed art. I now question my interest based on the lifeless and dry lectures and the stringent curriculum Nadja chooses. While the essays are graded a little more leniently, Nadja is a harsh grader. Given the density of the material and the way she teaches (and grades) the class, you may as well be an undergrad in a PhD program. AVOID THIS INSTRUCTOR AT ALL COSTS.

May 2006

Nadja is a poor lecturer (despite how much she might like or dislike the subject), an inept classroom mediator and an average presenter. The workload was relatively heavy in comparison to other sections, which I would not have minded if the required readings were purposive and the responses somehow integrated into the following lecture. Art Humanities is a prerequisite taught by over two dozen professors and graduate students each semester. As such, the pace of the class is entirely dependent on the professor. You can take Art Humanities for two reasons: 1) to learn more about the subject or 2) to get the prerequisite over with relatively painlessly. Neither of which will happen in Ms. RottnerÂ’s section.

Jan 2006

I disagree with the previous review. I thought Nadja was a good art hum teacher. Her lectures were clear and straight forward. She def cares about what she is teaching. She is not the type to be your best friend out of class, but she can be funny during lecture. The readings could be long but the reading question (singular) for almost each class asked for the basic theme of the reading. Therefore you can skim the reading and just get the main point. Bascially the midterm and final are memorizing the paintings and including key terms in the essays. Pretty easy grader for the three 2-3 pg essays. PRETTY EASY CLASS IF YOU ATTEND CLASSES.

Dec 2005

I really disliked this class and I think it was Rottner's fault. WE had a ton of reading for each class and no one could ever figure out why it was relevant or what we were supposed to get out of it. In addition, she gave reading response qs everyday so we basically had a quiz each class and you really have to be there. Her exams were random, graded harshly, and she was unhelpful outside of class. If you can, avoid taking Rottner for Art HUm