Adam Hooks

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Sep 2006

This guy rocks. Everyone says they hate UW but I love it. I also have him for an early morning class but I always perk up because of his engaging nature. I was worried about my writing but he gave me a lot of confidence. He has a great sense of humor and gives fantastic feedback. He's also really good at keeping the class on track and making it productive. I would say he's been a big help to me in all aspects of my academic writing. 2 thumbs up. Let's just hope he doesn't turn into a worn out academic with age.

Jun 2006

I didn't expect to enjoy this class, but I did. It improved my writing tremendously because Adam really helps you view your paper from other angles. He runs class well and is that kind of academic cool. My class laughed...alot, and he had no problem with starting class a few minutes late so that we could share the latest in sports or our lives or whatever. He also was organized very well. He schedules papers around vacations and gives you plenty of time for the long research paper. I know others that were scrambling during finals to finish research papers and write the 4th paper, but Adam plans ahead for the student's benefit.

May 2006

ADAM IS AWESOME. I loved the class, and I came into University Writing expecting to hate it. He was always willing to meet outside of class, was a fair grader, and genuinely cared about his students. University Writing isn't exactly the most exciting class, but Adam made me want to come to class everyday.

Jan 2006

Adam G. Hooks was an awesome teacher. At first, I was a little hesitant for one reason another about how enjoyable or useful University Writing would be, but he really made it worthwhile. He was always more than willing to meet outside of class (whether to talk about the class or life in general), gave in-depth analysis of our essays, was a fair grader, and (most impressively) was nearly always able to keep all of his students up for the 9 AM Monday/Wednesday class. In addition, he completely changed my mind about the idea of having grad students as teachers—he was as knowledgeable and otherwise performed as well in the role of teacher as any professor I’ve had, and had the advantage (for both us and himself) of being only a few years older than all of his students—he could really relate. All in all, I would recommend him without hesitation.

Dec 2005

Adam is AWESOME. I had the class at 9 am and while I never exactly looked forward to waking up at that hour, his was the only class for which I would have done it. He teaches with an easy sense of humor, his comments are extremely helpful, and he's extremely accessible. Overall, he's my favorite teacher I've yet had at CU (although I must grant that he's the best out of four ...).