Yuri Vendenyapin

Jan 2006

THIS CLASS IS HORRRRRIBLE!!!! DO NOT TAKE IT WITH YURI--ONLY MRS. HOFFMAN!!!! IT is NOT an Easy A, it is a HARD A-/B+ and totally focused on gramma!!!! Taking this class will make you hate Yiddish and hate Yuri even more. YIddush is great--but not with this teacher!!!!

Dec 2005

So I got stuck taking yiddish-supposedly one of the easiest four credit classes you can take at Columbia-with this guy. Not only does he not know how to teach for his life, he expects that after about 3 weeks you will be able to speak Yiddish fluently and he can begin to conduct class completely in yiddish. I mean it was so bad he became a total laughing stock among the people in the class - he just did not get that just because he knows yiddish fluently, people who have been learning for just a few weeks do not. The midterm, thankfully a take home, was a total disaster since he felt he could ask about anything and everything that he obviously did not teach in class. He redeemed himself a bit by making the final easier since he knew we all hated him but whatever you do, take this class with Hoffman at all costs. If you cant, dont take the class.