Emily Lordi

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Sep 2007

Emily is an incredible UW teacher. Unlike some other teachers, she chooses really interesting readings. She's also always ready to help you. She'll write you a whole letter about your paper and ways to improve it. She doesn't just say- the thesis needs to be reworked. She'll tell you- another way you could spin your thesis is... She's honestly amazing. If you are in her section, you are not lucky, you are blessed. She's a generous grader too!

Jan 2007

She's vibrant, nice, and helpful. If you somehow manage, or at the very least attempt, to switch out of her section, you are foolish, doltish, and perhaps a tad demented. Like any good U.W. teacher should, she avoids the mere mention of "Lens Essay" and "Conversation Essay" though she couldn't, despite her best efforts, avoid using the clunky and deservedly feared "CCP." She basically forces you to meet her during office hours, which actually is nice, since she provides good feedback. Etc etc etc, I could go on, but I think you get my message.

Dec 2006

Apparently no other class liked U.W. but my class had a blast! We LOVED Emily. She's young, fun and smart. Her readings aren't the usual boring U.W. stuff. She also doesn't make you do any of the weird writings that other teachers do, in fact she's very straighforward about her expectations. Straightforward final paper and C.C.P. lets students choose any topic basically. Made U.W. an awesome experience and learned alot from her.

Dec 2005

Emily was such a wonderful welcome first semester freshman year. Unlike some other horror stories I read, she picked mostly interesting stories. Also, her word lengths was 500 words shorter for her CCP essay- which was wonderful for such a brutal essay. She was pretty relaxed about specific parameters in her essay, and liked to let us take the essay where we would. For every essay, she would give us the option of meeting with her, and always gave great detailed comments about our strengths in the essays and different ways we could explore our topic. My only complaint was that we were generally only given two days to write a first draft - but we also were given at least a week to rewrite it. To top it all off, she was the nicest grader!!! In short, take her class - she is the best.