Caroline McLoughlin

Jun 2007

Caroline was just fantastic. While she regularly came to discussion sessions and class a couple of minutes late, she made up for it with her genuine interest in the students and in the subject. Her discussion session are always related to the class lecture, but not limited to it. Caroline always adds her own little spice and makes the material a bit more relatable. It was also clear that she was dedicated to helping her students as much as possible. The night before the final, she was up all night by her computer waiting for and responding to students' emails. I know this because I emailed her at 1:30 am and she responded at 1:31am. amazing.

Dec 2005

Caroline was always helpful and responded to e-mails promptly. She always told us what to hone in on for the exams and went over all the books in detail, answering all questions. She was a great compliment to a great professor.