dana hoey

Dec 2005

dana is one of the greatest women you'll ever meet. she has a fantastically critical eye and skips all the bullshit in her crits. if you want a professor to teach you how to draw or paint or whatever, then don't waste dana's time. she has too much insight on contemporary art and what, if anything, your work has to do with it, to dilly around with basic child's play. i think she only teaches graduate courses other than senior project and it's pretty obvious me why. dana isn't one to "push" you or brood over how to inspire you--she assumes that you're motivated in the first place and goes from there. rather, she looks at what you have, and if it's a pile of shit, you'll know it by the end of your crit.but if it's good, you'll have a million ways to make it better and a long list of artists to look up as reference points. if you have an opportunity to take a class with dana hoey, which is rare, don't miss it.