Yogishwar Maharaj

Nov 2006

You can totally tell the guy went to MIT-- he teaches on a level that is entirely too confusing for most people to understand. He makes very little progress with the material, and unless you've actually taken Calculus I before (in high school, for example), you are pretty much out of luck. He's relatively accessible, but it doesn't matter as his quizzes and midterms are IMPOSSIBLE. They are designed for you to just fail miserably-- at least, if they aren't, then the design is quite poor. Avoid.

Dec 2005

Yogishwar is pretty good. If he has looked over the problem set before office hours, he'll know exactly how to help you. Most of the time he'll be willing to just write out the proof for you (which is stupid, because what are you really learning if you don't struggle through the proofs yourself). But when he isn't prepared, be ready to sit there in awkward silence while he struggles to come up with a solution. Generally worthwhile to attend his office hours because more often than not he is prepared. Also he is brilliant and funny, so go even if you don't need help with homework.