Lynn Erin MacKenzie

Jan 2010

Lynn is a fantastic teacher. She speaks Italian--no English--literally from day one, but her expressions, intonation, and gesticulation are so perfectly attuned to what she's trying to express that you understand exactly what she's saying from the very beginning; it's almost magical. You know she's speaking another language and yet it's completely clear. She is generous with her quizzes (helpful) and homework due dates. She is very energetic--she sometimes literally works up a sweat--and is very fun; she laughs often and makes the class laugh too when she tells funny stories in Italian, etc. She uses only Italian except to make translations of hard words or some explanations of grammar, and I learned a LOT; I learned more Italian in a month than all the French I'd learned in 4 years of high school. When the second semester came around I took someone else's class by mistake. They were like a dead fish in comparison and I couldn't wait to switch back to her class. Take her for Elementary Italian I and II! Note: she does call on people and everyone definitely has to interact, but she doesn't put you on the spot in a bad way and if you really want to learn a language, the speaking is essential anyway.