Nancy Piore

Mar 2006

Nancy is amazing. At first she annoyed me a bit.. she always asks, "do you know..?" But then I realized she has so much knowledge and compassion, and she just has her own style. She is a writer herself, and a Barnard grad, and she clearly thinks Barnard women are the best there are. She takes the process of writing very seriously, and she views you not as a student spitting out words but as a creator. This class is very creative and you read some great books - lots of Hemingway and Stein. I couldn't have taken a better first year seminar and I can't wait to take more classes with Nancy.

Dec 2005

I can't believe no one has written about her yet. She is fabulous, articulate, sweet, and intelligent. I loved her and her class. If she seems like a tough grader or critical, it's only because she expects a lot from her students and really cares.