Elizabeth Auran

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Aug 2020

Elizabeth Auran is an ANGEL. I cam into her FYW Women and Culture class extremely nervous about writing and interpretations of texts, and while her teaching style does seem a little whack sometimes, I promise its worth it. She's so helpful in office hours, and would literally FaceTime with us when we went online after covid. She really wants all of her students to do so well, and she's willing to help you as much as she can. She is a tough grader when it comes to papers, but don't let that scare you away from the class. She lets you do rewrites, and she grades her class based off of participation, enthusiasm, and the papers. I genuinely feel so much more confident in my writing skills, and its all thanks to her.

Dec 2018

during the semester, women and culture definitely wasn't one of my favorite classes. however, looking back at the end of the semester, i'm really happy i took this class! elizabeth auran really cares about teaching her students! she was always willing to help, and i met with her several times throughout the semester (some mandatory, some optional conferences). she's also very understanding of emergencies and people's individual circumstances. professor auran is definitely passionate about what she teaches, and she created a very comfortable place for people to share. she's very open-minded and sensitive about women's issues, which allowed for engaging, organic, and honest conversations. we read a lot of different texts throughout the year (poems, short stories, essays, etc), and i enjoyed most of them! there's never any pressure to share in class, which is nice if you didn't have time to do the readings (but you should do them!). however, professor auran can be a somewhat strict grader. she has a pretty high standard for writing, and she cares a lot about grammar. essay conferences are usually somewhat helpful, but one thing my classmates and i noticed is that she really likes her own ideas. generally, she gives good feedback, and she returns assignments pretty quickly. i do wish we had more practice with writing skills though! overall, i really enjoyed this class! it's definitely helped me grow as a writer, and i've learned so much about women and culture. also, i'm definitely more of a feminist because of this class LOL

Dec 2016

Elizabeth Auran is an absolutely amazing woman with a heart of gold. I adore her more than anything in the entire world, and genuinely think that she is too good for this world. She is so engaging and amazing. Coming from an inner city public school with little to know knowledge on how to really write a good analytical paper on literature, this woman helped me learn more than I could ever imagine. The entire class was always engaged, always learning, and fell in love with Professor Auran more and more each class session. I feel so #blessed to have been able to take this class with her

Dec 2016

Elizabeth Auran is by far the best english teacher I have ever had. She is incredibly supportive and friendly, and I can honestly say that my writing improved in her class. The texts we read are extremely interesting. Auran is always saying that she "learns from us" - she encourages different perspectives, even ones that differ from her own. The class is very discussion based, so it not like she's just lecturing us. It's much more of a conversation between everyone. She is also a very intense editor - we have conferences and rough draft before turning any paper in!

Dec 2016

Elizabeth Auran is a goddess. She is thoughtful, kind, brilliant, and supportive. She will take your writing and help you mold it into something to be proud of and will make you think of literature in a new way. Taking Women & Culture with her is a truly Barnard experience and one I'm so happy to have had. If you can take a class with her, do it. As far as class goes, she assigns difficult texts but ones that she will help you unpack. Class is discussion based and she holds back from over-sharing her own analysis. She grades based on participation partially, and so it is in your best interest to participate - but also you will want to talk. She stimulates fascinating discussion and pulls in background from other disciplines. She also studies Biblical texts, and brings that context into some of the texts. She dedicates a huge amount of time to editing essays. She does the most intensive edits I've seen FYW professors do, and they were incredibly helpful to me. Auran will also meet with you for every draft, and first drafts aren't graded on quality. Auran is the kind of woman who you will wish you could have as your mother. She is loving and generous and a brilliant mind, and has been the highlight of my freshman year. I cannot recommend her enough.

Aug 2014

Professor Auran is an incredibly dedicated and challenging professor. She tries her best to focus most of the class time on open discussion between the students in regards to the readings while offering guidance when needed. This was greatly appreciated and helped make the small class an easy and safe space to discuss complicated subjects. In terms of work load, there is a decent amount of reading to be done for each class, but nothing overwhelming. Most of the texts are easy to get in to and will end up being more enjoyable than a burden. There were several papers over the course of the semester, including a final research paper. Auran conferences with students for each paper and offers an abundance valuable critiques in her notes and conferences (she isn't light on the pen when marking up papers.) As a person, Auran is a fabulous lady boss. She will love you back if you participate in class, actually take her corrections seriously, and eat all of her candy. FYE was one of the best Barnard courses in terms of being able to openly discuss subjects that tend to be glossed over in traditional English courses; take full advantage of the liberty Auran will give the class in discussions.

Jan 2011

Honestly, my entire class became OBSESSED with Professor Auran! As a first year, Barnard could seem like an intimidating place especially because it's a school known for producing strong writers. Professor Auran is a brilliant teacher with the ability to make Barnard feel like a welcoming and comforting place. She is passionate about the subject matter and can get anyone interested into the literature. You don't have to be a radical feminist to appreciate the course because of the incredible way she teaches the class. She explains everything very thoroughly while allowing students to explore and think about the works on their own. She encourages deep discussions, but does not put negative pressure on students. In terms of workload, it is really fair and she lets you turn in rough drafts which she doesn't grade. She edits them like crazy and also holds conferences with each and every ones of her students to prepare for the second/final draft. She could not have been a more supportive teacher and I feel so lucky to have had her.

Dec 2008

Elizabeth Auran is a nice enough woman, but if you're looking for an English class that will improve your writing, look elsewhere. Granted, it was a first-year english class, but I can confidently say that all of my high school english classes were better. I actually felt like my writing regressed. Her writing topics tend to be pretty interesting, however, and you do read some literature you might not otherwise have picked up, such as "the Lais of Marie de France". Unfortunately, most of the texts read for this class are translations, so it is very difficult to truly analyze them. Perhaps this is why this class felt pretty superficial. She does spark some interesting discussions, but they tend towards generalizing feminist statements. (Note: this is a female reviewer). Overall, it's a pretty good class to coast through, but if you want a challenging course that will develop your writing and analyzing skills, find a different class.

Jan 2008

Professor Auran was one of the best English teachers I have ever had. She is extremely passionate about the topics she teaches and extremely devoted to her students and to their growth. She will sit down with you as many times as you like before any paper is due and help you understand how you can make it better. She will raise the level of your writing. Professor Auran made texts that I never would have touched on my own seem modern, universal relevant, exciting and interesting. Even if you are not particularly interested in Woman's Studies, you can learn a tremendous amount from this class. Also, she never comes even close to bashing women - she is a feminist in the best way possible.

Apr 2006

Professor Auran seems nice and helpful at first, but she's a harsh grader and doesn't seem to give enough feedback so that you can successfully improve your papers to her liking. She's relatively enthusiastic, but also a little condescending when the class gets slow (it was at 9:10- come on!). The readings weren't great, and I didn't think the discussion was very stimulating. I'd avoid her if you can; she wasn't horrible, but not a great first-year experience.

Dec 2005

This was an absolutely terrible course. The content and material could have been very interesting, but the Proffesor was just boring. It was supposed to be an English type seminar, and instead it was her lecturing the entire time. Her lectures were boring and self evident, and to top it off she is a nasty person. She is an extremely harsh grader, but is sly. She gave certain grades during the semester and then a completely lower one as a final grade. I do not recommend this coursae to anyone if you take it with this proffesor.