Deborah Conrad

Sep 2006

Deborah is undoubtedly one of the best instructors for Art Humanities. She is neither patronising nor pedantic; rather, she strives to engage students in an actual discourse concerning the work. There is no homework for the class besides a minimal amount of reading (only every three of four classes), and the papers are entirely non-research based. She definitely knows her stuff, and is one of the few teachers of art history whom I have encountered who are able to instruct students with no art background as to how to appropriately discuss art within an historical and compositional context. She is outstanding, and every student, who wants to truly learn about art during Art Hum, should try to get her. She is a wholly phenomenal instructor.

Dec 2005

An overall good survey of Western art (and of course a necessary requirement for College students). Deborah's teaching style is not didactic, which is appropriate for a class such as art appreciation. She allowed us to engage in discussion without poking holes in anybody's argument -- that she usually left up to other students. The workload was minimal, thus allowing us to appreciate rather than memorize art, though the midterm and final required some memorization. I would venture a guess that this art hum section was one of the easiest, so take it with Deborah at any chance. Unless, of course, you would rather have a dogmatic nutcase teach you.