Daniel Attinger

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Jan 2009

1. funny. the man can be a stand-up comedian. 2. could be a douche at times. he likes to pick on people. 3. great professor in terms of getting the concepts across clearly and concisely 4. class content is hard, and he curves to a b-/b 5. the midterms, graded by the TAs, are very harsh. make sure you know your stuff and write all your assumptions.

Jan 2006

Lectures are alright, nothing too exciting, nothing that boring. When he gets bored, he likes to randomly call on people, but this only happened in a few classes. He says he wants to help people, but he seems very unapproachable (The TAs on the other hand...) Homework is necessary because of the nature of the class. Fall behind one week and you might regret it come midterm time. Thermo is basically the same thing all semester, just adding new concepts so you must be on top of the material. Dropping three homeworks is enticing and not doing a few more doesn't really hurt because HW is only 5%, but you probably will want to resist that temptation. Grading is very strict. He hates to change grades. Argue too long and he'll start finding things that he can take more points off than on. For the midterms, you have your TAs, but for the final, you don't really have a chance. He curves to a B-, and all the grades are distributed fairly equally (same number of As, A-s, B+s, Bs, etc.) I think there were about 3 A+s in a class of ~80. Basically, this is a performance driven class (midterm/final). Don't think homeworks will help your chances at boosting your grade. I had a 99% HW avg... which did absolutely nothing for me. I could have done 0 homeworks and received the same grade.

Dec 2005

terrific instructor but not so generous with grades. The class is curved to B-/B, and there is no doubt that he's the pioneer of grade inflation figher.