Elizabeth PiIlsbury

Dec 2005

Simply put, she's the hardest TA I've ever had. Unless you read all the assigned readings THOROUGHLY, expect to get lots of points off IDs on exams. She also seems obssessed about theses--make sure all your essays have original and compelling theses. The final paper, for instance: if your thesis is not original enough--no matter how much blood and sweat you poured into it--there is no hope that you will get a decent grade. Effort is NOT rewarded. It seems that your final grade for the class depends heavily on your participation in her discussion section, so if you're generally a quiet student, expect to feel marginalized. It is clear that she favors the articulate and often obnoxious students over those who speak less. She lets them control discussion and when irrelevant topics arise, she does nothing to keep the class on track. Sure, she is friendly and approachable, but her expectations are too high (I mean, come on, original theses for exam essays??, when you have a million other things to worry about, like running out of time to COMPLETE the long exam) and she doesn't mind playing favorites. If you get her as the TA, make sure to do some bootlicking.