Jenna Alden

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2009

I might be bias, but Jenna was also one of the smartest TA's in the history department. She was a stickler for Courseowrks posts, paper proposals, and not inflating grades, but she also led a good discussion. She was actually passionate about being a TA, and extremely open to any sort of notes. For the midterm, my draft of the research paper, and the final draft, Jenna returns a page long, single spaced letter in which she discusses all of my strengths and weaknesses. That alone should put Ms. Alden as the most committed TA in Columbia history.

Aug 2008

Greatest TA I ever had. Encouraging, Available, Sweet, Fair, Knowledgeable. I recommend.

Feb 2006

An all around incredible TA. Jenna cared about all of her students and encouraged all of her students to work hard and achieve at a high level. Like the other reviews said, she is a tough grader but if you can get into her sections, you should. It's nice to have a really smart TA who also genuinely cares for her students.

Jan 2006

Jenna was hands-down my favorite TA that I've ever had at Columbia. She's extremely intelligent, encourages discussion with her open-minded style, and really cares about her students. While she is a difficult grader, she does reward hardwork and is very willing to help along the way with papers or any questions. Jenna definitely inspired me to do my best in the class and I looked forward to her section every week. If you can possibly get into her section for whichever history class she is teaching, DO IT! You will love her.

Dec 2005

Jenna is an amazing TA and section leader. She is personable, sweet, and truly intelligent and versed in the course. She is never condescending and doesn't share any of the negative attributes that Grad students are often though of as possessing. That being said, she IS a really tough grader. This is done constructively though, not for the sake of giving low grades (although she IS an obvious member of the crusade against grade-inflation). She is really open to students who call on her outside of section, and is great to work with. I suggest choosing her section if possible in America Since 1945 or in any other course in which she may be TAing.