Shilarna Stokes

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2007

Shilarna is the absolute BEST University Writing instructor. That's a fact, not an argument. She really and truly cares about all the students and is extremely approachable and accessible. The thorough comments she provides really identified my strengths and weaknesses, and I found myself improved in both arenas at the end of the semester. I came into UWriting with the greatest dread, but it is has been one of my two favorite classes this semester and year...and it's a 9:10am class, which says a lot for it. Also, while many say UWriting is a rigid class, Shilarna gave us a great deal of freedom this semester. I absolutely loved this class from the very helpful workshop sessions we'd have to the one-on-one sessions with Shilarna to the breakfasts she'd sometimes provide! I used to despise writing, but Shilarna's UWriting class has made me really come to love it. I have discovered the type of writer I am and tailoring my own style and interests to each assignment has made me passionate about all of them. In conclusion, I will repeat...Shilarna is the absolute BEST University Writing instructor.

May 2006

Shilarna is probably one of the best University Writing teachers out there. She starts the semester off as a very intimidating teacher, prefacing the class with something along the lines of "it's not impossible to get an A, just highly improbable" but don't worry. The work is intense for the first two progressions but lessens dramatically after the conversation essay. She really cares about her students and puts a lot of effort into preparing for each classes. Her lectures are clear and concise and she always has outlines about what she will be lecturing. Her handouts are very clear and easy to understand. She also goes out of her way to make the class feel like a unit, which is really good for a peer-review classes such as University Writing. She's obviously very intelligent and very easy to talk to. She's genuine concerned about her students and she'll make University writing a class that you will love to work for. Totally worth the 9 AM wake up time.

Apr 2006

Shilarna is great. Though the class itself is not neccesarily riveting, I dont think any UW classes really are--but Shilarna is extremely devoted, and will help you and meet with you many times to perfect your drafts. She is personable and kind as well.

Dec 2005

If you have randomly been assigned to Ms. Stokes, you're lucky. She is one of the better teachers in the UW program. She is a very fair teacher and, although the curriculum in UW is restricing, she is very accomodating to the intellectual interests you would like to pursue in your work. That said, she is not a push over. Be prepared to write. I would not say it is an simple A but if you are willing to do some work it is highly manageable.