Andrew Hall

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2009

Andrew is awesome. To tell the truth I really hated Lit Hum and I didn't expect CC to be much better. Much to my surprise, however, it was a LOT more enjoyable. Andrew is really into his subject and prepares really well ahead of time to ensure that good ideas are talked about. He is clear, consise, and always gives funny and relevant examples from the modern day. He really enjoys picking out relevant quotes and summarizing key points. If you listen in class and take good notes you will learn a lot and have a good time doing it. He is really personable and will remember all of your names really quickly. Im not much of a humanities buff but Andrew definitely made CC one of my favorite classes. He is a fair grader and during class discussion he doesn't force people to participate but most of the time someone has someone to say. The only thing that you may not like him is that he requires a post about 350 words before every class. However this isn't really even a problem because you don't need to do all of them and if you do you can even score extra credit. He is really keen on having every class so if he cancels you can expect a make up but he is really nice about it and if you miss one or two it should be fin you will lose a few participation points. He is also pretty lenient about deadlines. I remember last semester he extended our final essay basically saying let me know when you want to hand it in. So to sum it all up. He is a) interesting, b) brilliant, c) funny, d) lenient, e) essentially awesome. He is not a professor that just gives everyone As but if you want to learn something and have fun doing it he is awesome. Oh and another thing. Before the midterm and finals he gives you the questions that will be on the test and you can prepare ahead of time.

May 2007

Andrew's amazing. CC is supposed to change the way you think about the world, but frankly I think Andrew's more responsible for my new outlook than any of the specific texts we read. He's extremely well versed in the texts and knows each one cover-to-cover, but he doesn't pretend to know the definitive interpretation of any of them. He facilitates class discussion, lectures when appropriate, and pours his heart and soul into the class. I generally hate philosophy, but this class was surprisingly pleasant. I'd highly recommend him.

Jan 2007

After talking to my friends from other CC sections, Andrew is pretty much the best CC instructor you could have. Not only is he good relative to the other sections, he's a great instructor on his own. He doesn't talk too much, but always leads the discussion, putting in comments to direct it in the direction it needs to go so taht we understand the important points of any text. At the same time, if a certain topic interests the class greatly, he'd allow for some tangential discussion to get everyone participating, which were sometimes heated debates that everyone learned a lot from. In terms of papers, he always took time to meet with students to review rough drafts and help them flush out ideas and really make the paper the best it could be. I personally learned the most from writing these papers which were answers to specific questions, or open ended ones (they were open to your interpretation - assuming Andrew approved.) And the format for the exams vaired with creativity, almost fun to take. Ultimately, Andrew made the CC experience a very positive one and it is his CC class that inspired me to minor in Philosophy.

Jan 2007

He's a nice guy and good instructor. He knows his stuff and he purposely assigns less reading than a lot of the other CC professors. Sometimes class can be numbing, but that usually only happens when most of the class has clearly not done the reading and is trying to cover that up. He gives thoughtful feedback on the weekly writing assignments and on the papers, and is willing to meet with you if you need paper advice. I hear he's also pretty generous with extensions. He's a bit strict on attendence though, so make sure you're in class when you need to be.

Jun 2006

Andrew Hall is the best teacher I've had in two years at Columbia. His knowledge and laidback attitude allowed for amazing class-led discussions all year. He presented us with any extra information we needed each class, and he always had passages to suggest when we couldn't answer one of the topics he brought up. His grading was generous first semester, but by second semester, he gave out more apropos grades (still mostly As and Bs). All of his teacher-choice selections were fantastic and helpful. He made this class very fun, and I'm frankly sadder than I've ever been to see a class end. If he ever teaches another class at Columbia, I'll be first in line to register.

May 2006

If you have Andrew as your lecturer, consider yourself lucky. He's quite well spoken, a great listener, and much more intelligent than one of these reviewers asserts. All grading is fair. He likely has some of the most open class discussions of any CC dude/tte, so if you like to talk, you're doubly lucky. If you don't, though, don't worry, because, as one reviewer already mentioned, he's good at "cutting off ramblers." The discussions are perhaps the only flaw: sometimes the essence of the material disintegrated once it hit the floor; in other words, Andrew almost doesn't do enough talking. Otherwise, though, he's about as good as you're gonna find.

Jan 2006

Prof. Hall is a very nice and intelligent man. He definately has that new teacher glow and I do not imagine he will loose it any time soon. He has obviously gained some confidence, though, as he now cracks jokes that poke fun at himself. But, as for the academic stuff, he comes to class well- prepared with insightful questions that often fall one after another to lead in interesting directions. He also makes a point to allow people to bring in modern (and even personal) connections to the texts. He really enjoys friendly student debates and often asks students to defend, agree, or disagree with the philosophers, then allows opposing views to make their cases. Yes, this class is hellishly long, but he makes it...dare I

Jan 2006

If there are varying degrees of the middle of the road, Andrew Hall is the most middle-of-the-road. He's smart, but not brilliant. Occasionally funny, but by no means a comedian. He was good at letting the class speak while giving us direction when we needed it. Also, he was good at keeping his lecturing to a minimum; an especially valuable skill in a 9AM section. He didn't inspire anyone, but he didn't make anyone want to kill him, either. Oh, one last thing: his comments on papers I generally felt were lackluster. It may stem from his not being the brightest, but he also seemed unwilling to allow for creative thought/interpretation, even after encouraging just that on the assignment sheet.

Jan 2006

Excellent instructor, down to earth, interesting discussions - he lets the students talk at least half of the time, sometimes he dominates discussions, especially when students not participating. Pretty good at cutting off ramblers, but does not hurt anyone's feelings. Very approachable, replies quickly to emails, best damn courseworks site ive ever seen.