Lauren Ninoshvili

Jan 2020

Very unpredictable grading. You have to write exactly what she wants to hear. Otherwise, your answer will be considered incomplete. It's just too much work and stress for a global core class. I regret taking this class.

Mar 2017

If you want a good grade, don't want to put in too much work - FORGET ABOUT THIS CLASS! 500 words essay every week, therefore you have to do all the readings and sophisticated analysis. Grading: Overall, she seems relatively simple, but you not going to get an easy A. Professor Ninashvili is too demanding. The Cultural Heritage in Georgia should be much easier. Had to drop it, tried as the 5th course, but too much of reading and too much of writing - just too much! Do not recommend!

Feb 2006

All I have to say is that I studied an entire weekend for our second midterm and got a grade 2/3 of a letter lower than the first midterm, which I did not study for at all. Ninoshvili's lecture style is pretty straightforward and boring; unfortunately the stuff that she doesn't bring up but once is what makes it onto the exams, and the terminology that is stressed to you as being important is often overlooked. If you are a musician, especially a nonclassical one, I do not recommend enrolling in her section, as her explanations of musical concepts are shaky and she pays nitpicky attention to exact terminology. In terms of the concert journals, she is a very lenient grader. She'll pretty much give anything an 'A'. Also, her time slot is abbhorent: the last thing I wanted to do at 6:10 in the evening was listen to her lecture. Overall: Ninoshvili is pretty harmless, if not slightly incompetent. Try and get someone else if you can - the subject matter is actually pretty interesting, but she fails(i don't think she even tries) to bring it off of the textbook page.

Dec 2005

It's music hum. Most of whether you like it is probably subjective. She's a good enough teacher that if you like this sort of thing, you'll like the class; if you don't, you'll learn something anyway. She's a good lecturer, but it was hard to figure out what was of what she said was important to write down and what was not. She would put really important stuff on the board. The five concert reports weren't too bad- Manhattan School of Music is at 122nd and Broadway and they have a whole bunch of free concerts. Overall, I guess I'd recommend this class. The fact that there were no research papers was really good, and she graded the concert reports leniently (and the first one of the five was a practice one, basically). Five concert reports is a lot, but you can seriously write about anything, ignoring musical detail, and get A's or A-'s on them. On the other hand, there are probably other music hum classes out there with less work required. I learned a fair amount and had a good time at the concerts, but this is not a class for the lazy man.