Marijeta Bozovic

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

May 2010

Marijeta was definitely my favorite professor this year and thus far at Columbia. After plodding through the first twelve books of the Iliad over summer I did not expect Lit. Hum. to be the fun, interesting, and thoroughly rewarding experience that it turned out to be. Every class was an inclusive discussion, sometimes breaking off into groups, never overly structured but always covering everything we needed to know. Marijeta's incredibly knowledgable about, like, everything (I recall her apologizing profusely for knowing no ancient Akkadian), but sooo humble and helpful and willing to honestly invest in her students' learning. Outside events were surprisingly painless. She really did seem to care about us :)

May 2010

EXCELLENT. No doubt the best teacher i've had at Columbia thus far. Marijeta is so patient and open and she gives incredible feedback on essays so you actually improve your writing skills in the class (even more than U writing, ugh). Class discussion were always interesting and flew by which was due in part to the awesome dynamic of our particular class, and in part by Marijeta's facilitation. The best part of the class was Marijeta's sense of humor. She always had interesting articles, books and videos to aid the teaching such as the risque version of the bible and some south park and movie clips and was always the first to crack up when anyone attempted humor. She took a genuine interest in our lives even outside the classroom, offering her help wherever she could. Oh and did i mention that she WON THE AWARD for BEST LIT HUM PROFESSOR for 2009/2010? yeah...that. In short, if you don't have her for Lit Hum, switch really.

Jan 2010

Fall Lit Hum Marijeta is fantastic and pretty inspiring. She made the class fly by, which is notwhat I hear about other sections. She is young, but so, so smart, and really approachable and open to students. Maybe one of the best teachers I’ve had. Class discussions were great, really alive, and covered a range of subjects that all the different students brought to the discussion. At the same time, you still have a sense of actually talking about something. Things are exciting and relevant, even if you're not a literature person going in. The Bible section was maybe the best part of the class, which is not what I expected...

Dec 2005

I loved this class! Everybody says that Russian is a tough language, and its true. But this was my favorite class though I had to do more work for it than anything else, and I heard that from a lot of people. And Marijeta is so fantastic. She was really friendly, incredibly patient and approachable. She obviously spends hours making review sheets and extra charts for us, and in class she's clear and demanding but also really sweet and funny. I really really recommend her as a teacher.