Rishi Talreja

Jul 2006

Rishi's a fairly good lecturer and he'll take the time to answer the many lingering questions we had in what I thought was a difficult 'intro' course. The textbook (Sheldon Ross, "First Course in Probability") is pretty bad, and it doesn't really help much that most of the lecture notes came straight out the textbook. The text is not very well-designed for beginners, since it's heavy on word-problems and light on explaining things. The homework problems are fairly difficult and will take you a while to do (which I might add were somewhat harshly graded). The midterm and final were both equally frustrating, the mean scores being 34/60 and 43/100 for each. Know your shit well, because you'll get near-zero partial credit for BS'ing your answers. I suggest you redo all the problems from each chapter several times in order to pass the class. The exam questions are mostly from the book, anyway. What sucked most was that at least half the class were grad students who ruined the curve with their high scores.

Jan 2006

One of the best TA's in the industrial engineering department, Rishi is the man. He is very knowledgable about the course materials and does a great job communicating the material with students. He does a much better job teaching than many of the professors.