Cecile Balavione

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Jan 2007

Wonderful. Professor Balavoine manages to be drily funny, rigorously focused and playfully silly at all the right times. I learned a lot, and I know my accent is miles beyond what it was at the beginning of the semester. Sure, being corrected can be intimidating or frustrating at times, but if you keep in mind that she's teaching you how to speak her language, and that all the corrections are for your own benefit, you realize that she sincerely cares about helping you learn. And she does a great job of it. Not a fluffy professor, but not a meanie either. Take her class.

May 2006

An excellent instructor who really made French fun and interesting. I enjoyed the class a lot, and she's a decent - nice enough grader. You didn't have to do all the work she assigned because she never checked. Most of the time you could just work it out on the spot if she asked. She was very understanding and patient when the class had difficulties - often reverting to speaking in English if necessary (which she shouldn't technically do, but I think that's a stupid rule and it really helped when she broke it!). I recommend her as a fun, nice teacher who will not make your life hell and who will not destroy your GPA. The class itself is interesting, especially the literature side of things.

Jan 2006

Cecile is wonderful! Even if you come into this class a hundred percent sure you want to major in lasers, you'll seriously consider at least concentrating in French after having a class with Cecile. I think she's new, so she had lots of enthusiasm and lots of energy. She also isn't just trying to "get you through" your language requirement; she was seriously dedicated to teaching us to speak French, and to speak it very well. She was really a stickler about us constantly speaking French, and English was spoken very rarely, only when someone was seriously confused by the grammar lesson, and the English explanation only came after exhaustive attempts to explain in French. She's also a very lenient grader which I think kept everyone motivated and enthusiastic about the class. If you're serious about learning French, Cecile is the instructor you want.