Nels Hanson

May 2006

Nels is a very good teacher. He's good at explaining difficult concepts, and tries multiple approaches of explaining them to students until they get it. Even in a fast-paced summer class, Nels was able to go at a even pace, and cover everything he needed to cover. His tests were long and hard (out of nowhere!) but graded extremely generously. Nels is also funny, chill, and always at the gym after class.

Jan 2006

I have to start out by saying that Nels is a very good teacher. His lectures are easy to follow, he explains things well, and he does a bunch of examples. The one thing I didn't like, and it was pretty minor, about his lectures is that he tends to write in math symbols. I'd be copying down down and not looking at the board, and then I'd look up and there'd be tons of gibberish symbols. If you learn, or happen to know, those symbols, it probably won't bother you. His tests are hard. Our first midterm had an average of 80%, and he said that was too high. The average of the next midterm was like a 67% or something, and he said he could live with that. He thinks math tests should be hard, and his are. His final was a killer (or at least it was for me, but I'm an English major fulfilling science requirements). He teaches well, and there was a nice curve at the end. I would recommend Nels, but if you take his class, just know the tests will be hard.