Alexander Haubold

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Mar 2007

Two great things about learning intro Matlab with Alex: 1) South Park and 2) Learning Matlab on an actual computer, and not paper and pencil like COMS1005. You might not understand what is going on in lecture, but if you're interested, the lectures he posts online are actually very easy to follow and detailed. He throws a joke into lecture when he can, and come on, the South Park stuff was totally funny and appreciated by all. This image and corresponding line from South Park is pretty much Alex's trademark, and anyone who has taken that class will remember it: Yeah. That's what you will be using for your study of images in Matlab. And he uses a recording of that "You will respect my Authoritah!" line for the study of sounds in Matlab. I actually retained some of this stuff. I wish that all Compsci classes were actually taught in a computer lab. Alex is able to teach in a clear-cut manner, but unfortunately this is Gateway and you will probably be half-asleep simply because it's a 3-hour long class. Try to stay awake and you'll learn something.

Jan 2007

Alex was the Matlab guy for my gateway course. I think he's the Matlab guy for all the gateway sections come to think of it. Anyways, he was also my teams adviser for our project. He seems to care a lot about his teaching and helping our team with our project. He is very generous with grading and understood our difficulties in the course. The Matlab exam was fair but not easy. Lectures were good with silly jokes here and there.

Feb 2006

His Matlab lectures have the potential of being funny if you actually listen - it's a pity that my peers don't appreciate it. I guess it's a computer science type humor and that is why a lot of students don't understand them aside from others just not paying attention. The topic actually turns out to be extremely important as an engineering major since Matlab is very widely used in my other classes. He makes his expectations very well defined. There is no guessing necessary. All tutorials are very well written with step by step guidance. Homework is easily done as long as you take the time to go through the tutorial.

Jan 2006

One of the best courses I've taken. It was evident that the instructor took a lot of time in preparing materials for the course. In fact, he even but together his own lecture notes so that we didn't have to buy books for the course. A great course for those interested in learning more about JAVA, but be sure to come in with some background in the language. The instructor was extremely approachable and always willing to help any student who was interested in the subject matter. I'd definitely reccomend him to anyone taking a class! His enthusiasm about the material was present by the amount of hard work he put in to making us learn the material. One could only wish that more instructors here were like him.