Susan Polise

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Dec 2009

I absolutely adore Susan. She is what every professor should be and often isn't: smart, enthusiastic, incredibly sweet and caring, aware when you work hard and deserve good grades, understanding, and excessively available to talk outside of class. When I had to give a presentation one day, she went out for coffee with me to talk about the topics and help me clarify my points of discussion!! So unnecessary but SO appreciated and wonderful! You could tell that she cared about your work AND about you! I loved learning about the cultural history of spain, but even if you didn't at first, you would soon since she was enthusiastic and eager. She went out for dinner with us after the final and I was sad knowing that I may never have her as a teacher again, since next semester is her last at Columbia. However, we are keeping in touch and she is even planning a class reunion in January! A teacher like this is rare and special. Take her class next semester if at all possible :D

Feb 2008

Susan is the most approachable, most caring individual I have met in my years at Columbia. She takes an interest in every student in the classroom and in outside activities. She is clear and comprehensive in her teaching, and she's always available in case anyone needs any after-class assistance. She is one of the kindest people I have ever met, and her old student even throw her surprise birthday parties years after they have graduated. If you get the opportunity to take a class with Susan, DO SO! I only wish that she were teaching some literature courses so I could have at least one more semester with her.

Jun 2007

The BEST Spanish Professor I've had at Columbia. Super sweet, smart and reasonable. I would switch around my entire schedule if it meant another class with her. Seriously, this lady is the bomb.

Apr 2007

Maybe the only time when Ima write that I respect the Police. This Police is so nice it almost makes you wanna excuse the Rodney King beating... Classes are fun (she tries harder than you know to keep you from sleeping) and alternate between grammar and literature. She is not a native speaker but has spent time aborad making her a pretty good speaker. Homework assignments are the regular weekly small essays (with generally interesting/personalize-able topics), but she will give them back marked up for a second draft before they count). For those of you who want out-of-class help, she is there for you with open arms (juniors, read: help on your study abroad application); in fact, she will probably give her cell phone and suggest discussing Spanish over coffee. Basically, for this class, she's as good as it gets. If you want to take your Spanish to the next level, move on to the Intro to the Study of Hispanic Cultures (SP) class.

Dec 2006

Susan is absolutely fantastic. My Spanish skills improved an incredible amount throughout this course. The class is great and she is a terrific professor, but what is even better is how willing she is to help students outside of class and how much she cares about the class. She is extremely helpful both in class and when meeting outside the class. The class requires weekly compositions, and her feedback is great. It is because of these compositions, meeting with Susan, and looking over her feedback that I am no longer (as) nervous about going abroad next semester. Moreover, the topics for the compositions are interesting, and she provides you with more than one option each week so you can choose what interests you the most. That way, you actually feel as if you are getting something out of the essays. I cannot stress enough how great Susan is -- you should definitely take a class with her. I do not believe she is teaching this same one again next semester, but whatever she is teaching, I assure you it will be great.

Jan 2006

Prof. Polise is the BEST Spanish Language Prof Columbia has to offer!!! Take her class. You will not regret it! That's why her nickname is "La Prof."