Alba Potes

This professor has earned a CULPA silver nugget

Oct 2006

Alba is incredibly nice and relaxed but is also good about keeping the course on track. She has somewhat of a "hand's off" approach and prefers that students mainly study grammar on their own and come to class ready to practice what they should already know. Her tests do include vocabulary and terms not covered in the book which can be somewhat confusing but not so much that a well-studied student will be totally lost. In a nutshell, Alba is a great first semester Spanish teacher if you want to ease into your studies and are comfortable with learning most of the material yourself. She does hold office hours and is always willing to offer help but she is not a doting instructor, either. If you've read about all the supposedly mean and nasty instructors in the department, rest assured that Alba is NOT one of them. You will learn the material but, at the same time, it will not be beaten into you.

Jan 2006

Don't take this class to maintain your fluency. It's too infrequent, and not particularly intensive. If you want to read good poetry and criticism, perhaps watch a film or two of note, go right ahead. Dr. Potes is a soft-spoken woman, and calm, but also very passionate about what she does - a musician, a social critic, and an adherent to her region's culture. Her intense curiosity seems to draw the most reticent students out of their shells; someone so receptive and genuinely interested takes the fear out of speaking Spanish. That seems to be Dr. Potes' goal in this class.

Jan 2006

Dr. Potes led an exceptionally good conversation section this semester. She led us through discussions over a range of topics and did a great job of bringing everyone into the conversation. She is not afraid to leave the unbearably dry textbook behind and cover topics that the class is genuinely interested in. She has a lot of passion for the arts in particular and for Colombia; as long as you apply yourself to the class you'll have a wonderful time. One caveat: be prepared to cover the grammar by yourself, mostly. The class doesn't have a lot of room for grammar review since we mostly cover conversational idiom. Take her classes and enjoy!