Igor Vaynman

Jan 2006

Igor was my Physics lab TA Fall 2005- granted it was his first time TA'ing a Columbia class- he is a first year grad student and not much older than undergrads. The issue with Igor is that he makes an already painful 1 credit class even more painful. Everyone knows that physics lab is 1 credit, curved to an A-, and TAs and students mail it in. Sometimes I felt like Igor thought he was teaching a 3 credit class. No other lab section had parts ADDED to their lab. Very few lab sections actually had to work through the algebraic deivations of the equations-- I just copied the derivations I had from friends who had taken it in previous years and had TAs who gave it to them. His made up"pre-lab" questions at the beginning were really time consuming- and the depth of the conclusions he expects us to write really goes beyond the scope of an introductory 1 credit lab.