Madhav Mawanna

Jul 2006

He is the worst TA I have ever had in all my years of schooling. He hates his students almost as much as he hates his job. He is mean-spirited, and lazy. No one should hire this guy.

May 2006

I could not agree with the previous review more. I could not have dreamed of a worse TA then Madhav. He generally came to class late, and then complained to us about having to be there at all. He rarely answered questions. When you did persuade him into answering a question, he gave the most convoluted crazy explanation any one of us had ever heard. Every time he spoke snickers could be heard throughout the class (and i was one of them). Whats worse, he did not give any of the quizzes back until the second to last week of the semester, so we did not know how we were doing.

Feb 2006

He was the worst TA I've ever had. I already knew all the material and his explanations just made me confused. He was also extremely condescending. The worst part was that we had 8 quizzes and he was a lazy jerk and did not grade/submit the last three quiz grades, he refused to answer emails relating this problem and is generally a terrible human being and should never have been hired.